Wollongong Mediation Centre

Tim Horsley is the mediator at Wollongong Mediation Centre. Tim is a registered Family Dispute Resolution Practitioner pursuant to Division 2 (Regulation 58) of the Family Law Regulations 1984. He also regularly accepts mediation referrals from the Federal Circuit Court in Wollongong as part of the Relationships Australia Court Referral Program.

Tim is also a NSW Law Society Accredited Specialist in Family Law and in Children’s Law. In fact, he is Wollongong’s only Children’s Law Accredited Specialist. Tim has 23 years of post-admission experience as a solicitor, mainly in the area of family law. Tim holds tertiary qualifications in arts and law from Sydney University.

In addition to his mediation work, Tim is a partner in Johnson Horsley Lawyers, a busy family law practice in Wollongong. Tim regularly appears in the Federal Circuit Court, Family Court of Australia, the Local Court, District Court and in Children’s Court. Tim is an experienced and resourceful advocate. He has been appointed to the Family and Community Services External Legal Practitioner’s Panel and is also a member of the Legal Aid ICL Panel.

Tim’s specialist knowledge of the law and his expertise as a practitioner enables him to bring particular insights to the mediation session. Tim stays up to date with recent developments in the law which in turn assists parties at a mediation.

On a personal level, Tim has been happily married for many years and is a proud father and step father of five children. Away from his work as a solicitor and a mediator, Tim enjoys gardening and travelling.