Wollongong Mediation Centre

You can make an appointment or contact Wollongong Mediation Centre, by the following:

Phone: (02) 4227 6500
Email: amy@jh-law.com

Amy is the Centre’s co-ordinator and all initial inquiries should be addressed to her. Amy will talk you through all the stages of mediation, including:
  • Contacting the other party on your behalf;
  • Undertaking preliminary risk assessments, and assessing whether a dispute is suitable for mediation;
  • Forwarding children’s and financial questionnaires to the parties or their lawyers;
  • Arranging joint (or shuttle-style) mediation sessions;
  • Making practical arrangements for mediation where one party lives remotely (eg. telephone conference);
  • Discussing safety concerns;
  • Typing up and sending out Orders or Parenting Plans drafted by the mediator; and
  • Providing copies of section 60I Certificates.